Viral Media Network Update June 13

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Today we have another update regarding our partner project, the Viral Media Network, for which we are running an IEO. If you want more info related to the project, please refer to these articles:

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Viral Football Site Recap

The first asset of the viral media network is a football site targeting the 4 billion football fans worldwide. Ad revenue from various ad networks will be used to buy Viral Media Tokens, share 50% of those with VMT holders based on how many tokens they hold on Buzzex, and burn the other 50% to make VMT a deflationary token.

The idea is simple: Use metrics of videos shared of the club’s fans to create an alternative competition based on real-life matches being played.

If you understand football culture, you already know that they are very proud of their club. They buy merchandise, they create tifos, they travel for hours to watch their favorite club play and most importantly, they want to prove that they have better fans than their opponents.

An alternative competition like this is 100% unique and will add to the excitement of real games for football fans.

Current Development

At the moment we are adding all competitions of dozens of countries all around the world to the site. We are also making a list of all teams that will be added to the competitions.

All in all, we will add 100+ leagues to the site with 1000+ clubs competing in the alternative fan competition.

All these clubs have thousands of loyal supporters who will be excited about watching videos and compete to prove their club has the best fans by sharing and commenting on fan videos.

Viral Football Site MVP

At the same time, we are working on the first tweak to the script. This involves the ability to add custom channels.

What this means is that instead of having their own channel as for instance on Youtube, we will add pre-defined channels to the site. Every football team that is listed will have a channel where there fans can share videos to.

IMPORTANT: When the channels are added and some videos are shared in each channel, we will make the site public already!

Here you can already see a preview of the video page:

This will still be remodeled a bit but you can see a glimpse of what it’ll look like.

Final Development Phase

The final development will be the integration of the alternative competition. We will add all games that will be played in the upcoming season so that fans can compete with other fans based on real games being played.

To create this competition, we will use metrics which are already integrated into the script, such as amount of video views, upvotes, subscribers, comments etc.

This means that creating the competition will be a matter of creating ranking tables and awarding points to teams based on these metrics in a certain period of time, namely in between real games.

The key will be to keep things simple and create the same vibe as any other live score site such as or, something football fans are already used to.


Even though we can’t show our MVP yet, the groundwork in terms of development and setting up the site by adding thousands of teams to it is in full swing.

1000+ teams will be added in dozens of countries worldwide, making this a real global site that has the potential to attract millions of football fans.

The business model is also very simple, as the site will be monetized with ads from various ad networks. As soon as our MVP is live, we will start testing networks that will pay the highest CPM rate.

Our audience will be very targeted as well. Just think of how much sponsors pay to have their ads shown to the billions of football fans worldwide and you’ll understand that the site will be extremely interesting for advertisers.

All of this will benefit VMT holders on Buzzex.

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