Viral Media Network – Asset 1: Football Fan Website

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The Viral Media Network, a partner project of the Buzzex Exchange, introduces its first asset, a viral football website targeting the 4 billion football fans worldwide.

The net profits of this asset earned from ad revenue will be used for the VMT Token daily profit share and buyback and burn program. In this post, you’ll learn exactly how the site will work.


The Viral Media Network aims to build mainstream websites in niches that people are passionate about. There are very few people in the world that are more passionate about something than football fans for their club.

Better yet, there are thousands of clubs worldwide and billions of football fans supporting them.

Football fans also spend a lot of money on merchandise, tickets, travel, tifos etc. Except for the instant gratification during the games, there is no additional place where football fans can hang out.

That’s why we have come up with the idea to create a site dedicated to football fans where they can compete amongst each other, and prove they have better fans than their opponents.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Video Sharing Website

There are thousands of videos posted on sites like Youtube from people filming the fans of the club from the stands. What we’ll do is create a site similar to Youtube where every team has its own channel and where fans can share videos of their club’s fans.

The script of the site is already completed with function to share videos in a few clicks:

Create Competition For Fans

We’ll turn this video sharing site into a competition where fans can compete against other teams based on real life games.

So there will be a section similar to as you can see on, with upcoming games, past games and ranking tables to rank teams based on how popular the team’s fans are.

So what it comes down to is that we’ll create an alternative competitions for fans, based on real games of the clubs in their respective leagues.

In between every real game, the teams will earn points based on metrics from the video sharing site. These metrics will be:

  • Amount of subscribers to the team’s channel
  • Amount of video views
  • Amount of likes
  • Amount of comments
  • Amount of favorited videos

Our algorithm will determine based on these metrics which team won the match. When the match is done, points are awarded and added to a ranking table just as you can see on Livescore:

So what it comes down to is that football fans will have their own league with their own ranking table.

Pretty cool stuff. 🙂

Library For Fans

On top of the exciting fan competition, the huge benefits for football fans is that they’ll be able to relive moments of their favorite teams easily.

Every channel will have playlists of games, so fans can easily navigate to specific games and watch videos.

On a huge site like Youtube, this is virtually impossible as all vides are scattered around. Our site will solve this problem and create a place where fans can relive amazing moments in their club’s very own channel.

What Ajax fan wouldn’t want to rewatch a video of their historical 1-4 win in Madrid:

Or what Tottenham fan wouldn’t want to relive the moment of the dramatic last second goal that put them in this year’s Champions Leagues’s final:

Fans will watch these videos for years to come, and while doing so, they will be able to help their team win the current games in the fan competition.


The marketing strategy will consist of 3 main components, which will all work together to create a massive site that will attract a large number of daily users.

A large and targeted user-base obviously makes the site also attractive for advertisers, which in return will increase the ad revenue the site generates, which again in return will allow us to buy more and more VMT Tokens from the market.

Here’s an overview of the 3 pillars of our marketing strategy:

Bounty Campaign

From the 84 million total supply of VMT Tokens, 10 Million will be reserved for bounty campaigns, spread over the course of 10 years.

Our goal is to create a new viral asset every year, so 1 Million VMT Tokens will be reserved for a bounty campaign to quickly grow the initial user-base.

Amongst crypto enthusiasts, a large amount of people will be fans of a team that has a channel on our football site, so this in combination with the fact that bounty hunters will be able to either trade VMT Tokens or hold them to earn daily passive income will ensure we can attract a lot of people to promote the site.

Viral Effect

The competition for fans is set up in such a way that it increases the chances for the teams to win games if they share videos with fellow fans.

This will ensure that after the initial flow of users from the bounty campaign, a viral effect will happen that will grow the user-base exponentially.

High Retention Rate

The main reason the retention rate will be high is the fact that football fans are very proud of their club, and will not want their team to have worse fans than their rivals.

At the same time, fans will want to see videos of the previous games shared by other fans. So there’s a dual element as to why the retention rate will be high.

Analysys Of Similar Sites

In order to make a chance of creating a viral asset, you need to create something unique, plus target a passionate audience.

As you have read so far, that’s definitely the case with our football site.

Football Competition On News Site

A very limited alternative is a football fan competition on a Belgian football site, which allows visitors to become a fan of their team to grow the team in the ranking table:

Belgium is a very small country compared to other countries, and football teams don’t nearly have as many fans as in the bigger competitions.

Yet if you check this table, over 50,000 people became a fan of their club on this site, which shows the potential of the competition element.

Local Funny Video Website

A site where people can share funny videos in the Netherlands is called Dumpert. According to our research, it has a very loyal base of 8 million monthly users and over 151 Million monthly video views.

As a result, this site makes a total revenue of over 6 Million Euro every year, which shows the potential in terms of monetization.

Considering that the Netherlands only has a population of just over 17 million, and we are targeting a worldwide audience of over 4 billion football fans, it shows the potential of generating profits for the VMT buyback and profit share + Token burn program.

Global Viral Site

One of the most popular user-generated viral content sites on the planet is called

The cool thing about 9gag is that it started as a hobby site that turned into a worldwide phenomenon with well over 200 Million monthly users right now.

This shows the potential of viral sites to grow a massive user-base over time, if the viral effect and high retention rate pillars are in place.


The first asset of the Viral Media Network has huge potential, we believe that is clear.

The video script we’ll use for this site is already in place, and small customizations to integrate the ranking tables to create the football fan competition are underway.

The good news is now that the current football season has ended in most countries, and we have time to prepare the site to get ready for the upcoming season. This way, the fan competition can start from round 1 of the real competition as well.

For now, we invite you to join the IEO of VMT tokens so you can both benefit from earning a passive income for life, but increase that passive income by taking advantage of the amazing bonus for IEO buyers as well!

That’s all for now, have a great day!

The Buzzex Team

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