Update September 21, 2019

5 min read

Today we have an exciting update regarding the first asset in the Viral Media Network, the viral football site.

We are happy to announce that we have completed all remaining items of new features mentioned in the previous update. These are:

  • Real ranking tables – This will allow users to compare real rankings with rankings in the fan competition.
  • Email notifications – An email will be sent out once a day when new videos are posted in your team’s channel, and when a game has ended so you can check out the score and vote on the new game.
  • Additional ad spots in tabs – This allows us to also add ads when scrolling down in the tabs.
  • Option to add general videos – This allows users to add both fan videos and general videos (match reviews, interviews, news about the club etc.) to their team’s channel.

This means that our next efforts will be focused solely on setting up the site to get ready to attract our target audience, the 4 billion football fans worldwide.

At the same time, we’ll optimize existing features in order to launch the Super-Ultra offer which will allow us to quickly scale the VMT buyback and burn program along with profit distribution to people holding VMT’s on Buzzex.

This update will provide a clear view of how we’ll do this and what we have planned for after the promos start.

The Super-Ultra Offer

We already mentioned that along with advertising, one of the main income streams of Tifoscore will be an upgrade offer, allowing members to get some cool extra features on the platform. If we look at other successful business models, this will be a combination of in-game purchases, which is the driving revenue model of many games, and the freemium model, allowing paid members to get additional features.

The idea is to make the Super-Ultra offer a monthly subscription. For the first 10,000 buyers, this will be a one-time fee.

The moment the site is ready for promotion, this special offer will be available for purchase, allowing us to monetize the site with both ads and a product for sale.

This also means we can seriously increase the buyback and burn program for VMT’s! With over 2000 teams listed now on the site, this means just 5 sales per team are needed on average to fill all spots, a number we feel is definitely reachable.

Features that will be immediately available at launch for buyers include:

  • Share unlimited videos on Tifoscore – We will limit the number of videos free members can share to just 10. After that, a message will be shown to upgrade your account in order to share unlimited videos.
  • Get 100 points per vote – The maximum number of points free members will be able to acquire for voting is 20. Super-Ultras will always get 100 points for voting on the fan competition.
  • No need to vote to increase Ultra-Score – Free members need to vote in order to increase their Ultra-Score. Super-Ultras will always have an Ultra-Score of 100 regardless if they vote on multiple games or not.
  • Experience Tifoscore without ads – Ad spots will be completely removed for Super-Ultras.
  • Option to switch to light and dark theme – Super-Ultras will have a choice to either use the website in the light or the dark theme. An icon to switch will become available for members buying the offer.
  • Get Super-Ultra Badge – When commenting on videos, other members will see your status as a Super-Ultra.
  • Increase Super-Ultras in ranking tables (extra tab) – We will add an extra tab in the fan competition ranking table which will show how many Super-Ultras a team has.

The payment gateway (using Paypal) has already been integrated into the platform, and all features mentioned above are part of the optimization phase and require simple tweaks to existing features.

In other words, it makes sense to launch the offer already instead of waiting for several months, as it will allow us to use part of the profits to buy a lot more VMT’s from the market!

Features we’ll work on the moment the promos start:

  • Get access to exclusive videos on Tifoscore
  • Donate to video creators

Patreon For Football Fans

In order to justify the subscription model, we need to create something extra. After all 10,000 spots to become a lifelong Super-Ultra are sold, the fee will be $9 per month.

With the additional features that we are about the present, we believe we can get up to 100,000 additional subscribers on board.


Because it will:

  • Drastically increase the value of the Super-Ultra Offer
  • Create a huge inflow of new members without much effort after the setup from our part
  • It improves an existing proven business model

The idea is to create a membership area with high-quality fan videos that can exclusively be watched by Super-Ultras.

We are talking about vlogs that capture the entire fan experience of matchdays. From getting on the train and walking down the streets of the city and walking to the stadium. From capturing the experience in the stands and capturing important moments during the game etc.

To give some examples of these type of videos, here are some links that will give you a better idea:

These are just a few of thousands of football fans capturing the entire matchday and fan experience of visiting a game.

In other words:

We will add an extra section, exclusively available to Super-Ultras with these types of high-quality videos.

And most importantly, the people creating these videos will earn part of the monthly subscription fee!

Increased revenue on Tifoscore

This setup works. As you can see how many people are donating to popular channels just to watch videos (without the extra benefits on an external platform as Tifoscore), it’s clear this is a successful business model:

Source: https://graphtreon.com

Football fans will be more inclined to pay a monthly subscription fee if they can donate some money to the people putting in the effort to create amazing videos.


Another crucial benefit is the fact that video creators already have a huge following on Youtube and will start inviting their followers to Tifoscore.

This has worked extremely well for Patreon as Youtubers started promoting their Patreon page in video descriptions and comments:

This channel just started early this year and now has over 17,000(!) people donating directly on Patreon.

The huge benefit for video creators, on the other hand, is that they don’t have to beg their subscribers to directly give them money. They can simply invite the football fans following their channel to vote on games on Tifoscore, making the barrier for this huge traffic source much lower.

Private Videos

Finally, to clarify the set up a little more, Videos on Patreon are still hosted on Youtube. The only requirement is that they need to set videos to private and add the domain so the private videos will be displayed on Tifsocore.

This will make it very easy to integrate this private section for Super-Ultras on the platform, allowing us to activate these two extremely important benefits fast.

During the development, we will create a landing page for video creators and start inviting them to become creators on the Tifoscore platform so we can roll out the feature with exclusive videos present.


I think it’s clear we are setting up something amazing here. From a simple idea to create a platform that football fans will enjoy using, we are now ready to set up the site to get ready for promotion.

From one initial income stream, we are on the verge of activating two major income streams on the platform, allowing us to consistently buy VMT’s from the market and use the buyback/burn/profit share set up to reward people holding them on Buzzex.

Let’s give a recap on our current timeline:

  • Complete all major features (DONE)
  • Optimize the site to improve speed (ONGOING)
  • Make tweaks to existing features to launch Super-Ultra offer (ONGOING)
  • Iron out bugs and make final improvements to set up the site for promotions (ONGOING)
  • Assign teams to over 110 ambassadors (ONGOING)
  • Start Tifoscore Promotions (SCHEDULED)
  • Attract exclusive video creators (SCHEDULED)
  • Integrate exclusive videos section + donation option (SCHEDULED)
  • Launch trading of BZX (SCHEDULED FOR SEPTEMBER 29)
  • Integrate profit share setup + start VMT buyback (SCHEDULED)
  • Fix crucial bugs on Buzzex (SCHEDULED)

The feedback box will open up early next week as well, so we can quickly identify bugs and feature improvements, allowing us to start the final development sprint.

At the same time, we are carefully planning a targeted promotion campaign, which will now be targeted to two areas.

Want to help out the project right now?

  • Apply to become a Tifoscore ambassador here and earn from a pool of 10% from our various recurring income streams.
  • Join the bounty campaign to provide us with more data in all competitions here.
  • Prepare a list with bugs and feature improvements so you can directly send it to us when the feedback box opens up next week.

We thank you in advance for your help.

As always, we promise to keep on working with complete dedication and a high work ethic to make this project a success. Every angle has been worked out and we are 100% convinced that we have a winner on our hands, and most importantly, an evergreen (football will always be around right?) and sustainable business!