Update August 27

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Today we have another update related to the VMT project and our first asset in it, the viral football site.

We are happy to announce that we have completed a lot of the remaining items the last weeks, and today we’re going to give an overview of that along with the few remaining items.

Let’s get started!

Move To Our Main Server

During the initial development phase, the site was on a small server which was only suited to get the site live for development.

Right now the site has been moved completely to its final destination, our powerful in-house server which can easily handle millions of visitors every day.

This will be much needed once we start inviting football fans to support their team, and this item is completed.

Adding Scores Of Fan Competition

The most exciting feature of the platform will undoubtedly be the fan competition. It allows us to measure fan performance to create an alternative competition for football fans that runs parallel with real games being played.

These scores now update every 5 minutes so votes will appear close after they have been cast by fans.

We also added a direct link to the games’ individual page for easy navigation in case you want to vote on a particular game.


If you click the dropdown, You’ll see your Ultra-Score. The more matches you vote on, the higher your Ultra-Score will be.

The Ultra-Score is calculated on a weekly basis and increases with 1 whenever you vote on 10 games. So if you vote on 100 games, your Ultra-Score will be 10.

The Ultra-Score is important for 3 things at the moment:

  • Higher Points – If your Ultra-Score increases, so will the points that are awarded to the teams you vote on. An Ultra-Score of 5 will award 5 points, an Ultra-Score of 10 will award 10 points, etc.
  • Share Videos – You need an Ultra-Score of 10 to enable sharing of videos in your team’s channel.
  • Ultras Tab – We have added an extra tab in the fan competition ranking tables, and this will show the number of ultras every team has. If your Ultra-Score is 10 or higher, you will be marked as an ultra in this tab (this still needs to update but will be added shortly).

The Ultra-Score is an important feature to get engagement levels high. It will not allow users to get extra benefits, it will also increase the number of votes on the site. The more ultras a team has, the more chances the team has to win games.

Sharing Videos

Along with the feature to allow sharing of videos for members with an Ultra-Score of 10 or higher, we are working on a feature to by-pass the Youtube API limits.

This mostly revolves around using the embed code instead of using Youtube’s API when sharing video links.

Once this feature is completed, we will enable the sharing of videos to make the content on the site user-generated and increase the number of videos every channel has.

Improved Registration Form

Initially, the registration form contained all teams listed on the site in one big list, making it very hard to find your favorite team.

We have improved this making it very easy to find all clubs listed on the site by adding extra fields for country, league and team:

This was a much-needed improvement to make the registration process for football fans as easy as possible and is now completed.

Adding Real Scores And Info

While we don’t intend to directly compete with the established live score websites such as Livescore or Flashscore, we did already add an extra feature and integrated live score of real games to the platform, along with basic match info such as the minutes played so far and whether or not the game is finished.

As for now, we mainly see this as a bonus and gives the platform an extra dimension as fans can see who won the real game and who won the fan game.

But as mentioned, our core feature is the fan competition and that will be our main USP when inviting football fans to the site.

Ultimately, we can sign up for a more powerful api to collect more data and get at the same level as established live score sites.

Ranking Tables For Fan Competition

Apart from the Ultras tab (which isn’t updating yet but will be soon), all other tabs are now updating based on data collected from the site.

As you can see, the ranking tables are determined by points being awarded for winning games in our fan competition, just as how ranking tables of the real competitions are determined.

Just as how fans can already compare scores of real games and scores in our fan competition, ranking tables of real competitions will be added below the ranking table of our fan competition.

This will allow fans to compare real tables and fan tables, adding another dimension to the platform.

Adding real ranking tables is currently being worked on by the team and will be added to the platform shortly.

Invitation To Continue Voting

As we are collecting more data from votes being cast during the development phase, we are perfecting our system of the fan competition, our core feature.

That’s why we are still rewarding people who help us with this through our bounty campaign here.

The more data we are able to collect, the faster we can perfect our in-house competition, so all help is welcome and we thank you in advance.

Preparation Of Bounty Campaign

As we are completing the final items on our list (7 out of 10 completed), we already want to give a heads up that the preparation of the main bounty campaign will start next week.

We are doing a couple of things at once at the moment namely:

  • Final check of all leagues/teams
  • Final check if all teams are api-connected
  • Pre-preparation of our main bounty campaign

Next week we’ll post another update with more info on the main bounty campaign.

At the same time, we’ll open up a suggestion box so that apart from our own final checks, we’ll be able to collect info on final bugs and suggestions so we can iron these out before the main promo campaign starts.

Retention Rate Booster


We are very happy with the progress we have made the last couple of weeks. We are working now on the final items and only a couple are left, while at the same time we are ensuring all leagues have the correct teams and the teams listed on the platform are connected to the api service we are using.

At the same time, we have received a lot of positive feedback about our concept from real football fans, who can’t wait to invite their friends to the site to vote for their favorite club.

There are nearly 2000 clubs listed on the site already, and each club has 100’s, if not 1000’s of fans who will have the same feeling.

At the same time, we have a solid promotion campaign planned that will allow us to reach the core supporters of every club listed.

This in combination with the viral setup of the platform and focus on high retention rates will ensure we will be able to grow the platform very fast.

We look forward to make it happen and start the VMT buyback/burn and profit share distribution using ad revenue from the first asset in the Viral Media Network! 🙂

That’s it for now, see you in the next update!

The Team