Update August 2, 2019

3 min read

Today we have another update which will provide some more details related to the Viral media Network project, the partner project of Buzzex.

We want to start however with a reminder of our Buzzex IEO for VMT Tokens which is about to end soon.

And more importantly, the chance to take advantage of the huge bonus that only buyers during the IEO will get.

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So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to acquire some VMT’s today!

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Important note: The IEO will end August 6 and the opportunity to get a share in the lifelong bonus will end permanently at that time. The price won’t increase anymore as well until the IEO ends.

Opening Of VMT Markets

As the IEO ends, trading markets on Buzzex for VMT Tokens will open. As mentioned in earlier updates, VMT will become a base currency on the Buzzex exchange.

This means that it will be possible to trade VMT’s for any coin or token trading on the Buzzex exchange.

So the moment the IEO ends, which is at 16:00 UTC on August 6, VMT markets will be added.

Start Trading Of VMT On Livecoin

A few people have done the swap to get VMT’s in Buzzex who stored ADZ in Livecoin.

We have made a deal with Livecoin, and they agreed to do the swap of ADZ to VMT and commence trading at the same time.

What’s important is that your VMT’s will remain in Livecoin, and we’ll deduct the VMT’s in your Buzzex if you have done the swap already.

We believe it’s important that VMT’s won’t solely trade on Buzzex, and will do anything we can to get it added to more exchanges. This will not only benefit VMT holders but the entire project.

So on August 6, it will be possible to trade VMT’s on both Buzzex and Livecoin.

Start Testing Phase Of Football Site

We are making good progress on the football site and will make the site public for the community on August 6 as well.

The main reason for this is to start testing the voting mechanism and ranking tables for our in-house competition, as well as having some data when we start the bounty campaign to attract football fans.

During this phase, which will last a few weeks, we will add all additional improvements to get the site ready to attract the main target audience, the 4 billion football fans worldwide!

Ad Networks

We will already place some ads on the site as well during the testing phase. One network we’ll use is called a-ads, and they pay in Bitcoin the moment your balance reaches 0.002 BTC.

This balance will be completely sent to our Buzzex wallet and used to purchase VMT’s at market price already.

2 things will happen:

  • 50% of VMT’s bought will be accumulated and sent to all VMT holders on Buzzex (based on how many VMT’s you hold) the first day of the profit share, which will start shortly after we launch the main bounty campaign.
  • 50% of VMT’s bought during the testing phase will be sent to the burn address, already making VMT’s deflationary.

During the testing phase, we’ll also test multiple other ad networks and optimize the ad spaces on the site to increase the site’s revenue, allowing us to buy, distribute and burn more VMT’s overtime.

General Development Overview

Next week, we’ll not only make the site public but also post an overview of the core features of the site.

This will also allow the community to follow along with what needs to be done before we can launch the main bounty campaign.

We haven’t been able to do this yet as the site was in development and private. This will change starting next week.

Bounty Campaign Preparation

Finally, the testing phase will be used to attract people willing to help out with the promotion of the site.

We are positive that in the cryptocurrency world there are plenty of football fans, who want to use this hobby site to earn some extra tokens. And more importantly, a deflationary token that allows you to earn a passive income for holding them as well.

That’s why starting August 6, the football site will already be promoted to the crypto community, which will allow us to invite football fans to a site that already has activity going, making the main bounty campaign way more effective as well.

More details about the bounty campaign will be posted in the next update.


We are working overtime to get our side-project running, and are making great progress.

The start of trading of VMT’s is an important milestone, along with making our football site public.

We’ll continue doing whatever we can to make our projects a success, allowing everybody involved to benefit from it tremendously.

That’s it for now, see you in the next update!

The Buzzex Team