Update August 10, 2019

2 min read

Today we have another update related to both the Buzzex and the Viral Media Network project.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.


Buzzex Withdrawals

While the deposit issue has been fixed, the withdrawal issue still requires an upgrade in our codebase.

We have decided to handle all withdrawal manually for now on so our developers can focus on the final development of Tifoscore first. (More about that later)

All withdrawals will be done within 48 hours, mostly much faster. So this is just a reminder that your funds are safe and that the manual process might cause a slight delay.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

ADZbuzz VMT withdrawals

Due to an illness of some of our team members, the withdrawals had a slight delay this week.

We’ll make it up by working overtime this weekend, so withdrawals will resume as normal until we are back on schedule.

Please note that there are over 3000 withdrawals pending and all of them are handled manually by our team members.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Ongoing Bounty Campaign

The main purpose of the current bounty campaign is to collect data and test our football fan competition.

We have been notified by some members that they haven’t been told a spot to report bugs, but we haven’t started the bug testing yet.

Our goal now is to finalize all items on the list to complete the site, after which we can start the bug testing phase to get the site ready to start inviting football fans.

So at the moment, we invite you to vote on videos in the competition tab so we can collect the data needed to test the competition in the backend.

>>> Join Bounty Campaign Here

Important note: As the site is still on a small server during the development phase, it appears the competition tab gives some errors or doesn’t load in Chrome. Please use the Firefox browser (preferably) to do the testing if this happens on Chrome for you as well. The transition to our main server is currently in progress, and the tab loads just fine there, so it’s merely caused by a resource limit of our current hosting package in the development environment.

Tifoscore Developments

We are in the last sprint before we can start the final bug testing which will allow us to start our main promo campaign.

Final items include:

  • Complete move to the main server
  • Integrate auto-update for scores of real and fan competition games
  • Optimize ad spots
  • Update collected data in ranking tables
  • Add option to share videos
  • Improve registration form
  • Improve site design
  • Optimize site for speed

Most of these items are already in progress. Once completed, we’ll invite users to test the completed site and reports bugs in order to get the site ready for promotion, 100% bug-free.

Main Promo Campaign

With the final items in development, and the bug testing phase followed shortly after, we can already share some insight into the main promo campaign to attract football fans to the site.

In order to make this succeed, we’ve decided to use the entire 10 Million VMT budget for the main promo campaign.

We are 100% convinced that Tifoscore has the potential to become a massive site, used by millions of people worldwide daily. In order to reach our main audience, namely the 4 billion football fans worldwide, we’re going to make the bounty campaign as simple and effective as possible.

It will consist of 2 components:

  • Reach the core groups of fans who will share videos on Tifoscore
  • Sharing of games and videos on social media

More details about how it will work will be posted before the site reaches the final bug testing phase.


Our main focus now is to set up everything in order to get the main promo campaign up and running.

The good news is that we are getting pretty close to get all features in place to start the final testing round, so we can maintain what we have without making any huge changes.

Live score sites usually don’t change in shape or form for over a decade, so we aim to simply monitor and maintain what we have the moment the bounty campaign starts.

This will be a historical moment for everybody involved in the project, and we are convinced we can enter a growth phase that will be unstoppable.

One can rest assured, we are working diligently to make this happen with a big smile on our face. 😊

That’s it for now, Have a great and productive day,

The Buzzex Team