Tifoscore Exclusive Ambassador Program Invitation

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As our team is finalizing the last features of the Tifoscore platform, we want to give 200+ people the opportunity to become exclusive ambassadors, and get serious rewards for doing so.

Tifoscore is the first asset in the Viral Media Network and has the potential to be used by millions of football fans worldwide.

At the moment, over 2000 football clubs are listed on the platform and final checks to make the fan competition run smoothly in each of the 124 leagues are ongoing.

In this update, You’ll learn how you can become part of the exclusive ambassador program and reap the benefits that come with it.

Exclusive Ambassador Benefits

We have limited the ambassador program to just over 200 people for 2 reasons:

  • We want to find people who are football fans and who believe in the concept.
  • We want to ensure these 200 people have the prospect of earning a full-time income online while doing what they love.

That’s right, we are 100% convinced that our 200 exclusive ambassadors will be able to earn a full-time income online, and here’s why:

Ambassadors will earn 50K VMT Tokens

During the first 5 months after launch, ambassadors will earn 50K VMT Tokens each.

We are positive that once the buyback and burn/profit share program for VMT starts using profits from ad revenue, this will be a significant amount of money.

Better yet, when holding these tokens in Buzzex, ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn lifelong passive income as well.

Ambassadors will earn 10% of Tifoscore Ad Profits

Ad revenue will be the main income source of the Tifoscore platform. A combination of banner ads, native ads and in due time video ads from exclusive videos will monetize the platform.

Tifoscore will be an extremely interesting platform for advertisers.


Just think about how much money they spend to sponsor all the clubs listed on Tifoscore. Billions of Dollars are being spent to advertise to football fans worldwide and sponsorship deals are one of the main income sources of every club as well.

This fact will allow us to partner with some of the biggest brands in the world who currently sponsor some of the biggest clubs, all automated through our partnerships with various ad networks.

10% of profits made from advertisements placed on the site will be distributed amongst ambassadors based on the number of fans that the clubs they represent have.

Ambassadors will earn 10% of Super-Ultra Subscriptions

5 months after launch, we will introduce a subscription product on Tifoscore allowing fans to become a “Super-Ultra.”

This is a combination of “Reddit Premium” in which users get extra perks on the platform and “In-Game Purchases” allowing players to upgrade.

  • Become a super-ultra as opposed to a regular ultra
  • Get 100 points for every vote on Tifoscore as opposed to 10 when voting on 100 games every week
  • Add videos to more Tifoscore Channels
  • Upload your own videos to Tifoscore
  • No need to vote additionally to get 100 points (they can vote and earn 100 points for their team with every game)
  • Get a Super-Ultra Badge
  • Increase the number of Super-Ultras in the ranking tables (we will add an extra column)
  • Experience Tifoscore ad-free
  • Many more benefits…

The idea is to launch a special offer, allowing 10,000 fans to become a lifelong Super-Ultra for a one-time fee, after which the offer becomes a yearly subscription.

This not only adds an extra income stream to the Tifoscore platform (which will also be used for the VMT buyback and burn/profit share program) but also allows us to give ambassadors an extra reward.

Ambassadors will earn 10% from the initial bonus offer (lifelong Super-Ultra) and 10% from all yearly recurring subscriptions afterward.


To wrap it up, here is an overview of how exclusive ambassadors will earn from the program:

  • 50K VMT’s – Paid over the course of 5 months and option to earn passive income forever.
  • 10% of ad profits – Paid once a month forever straight to your Paypal account.
  • 10% of Super-Ultra subscriptions – Paid once a month straight to your Paypal account.

The key to making a full-time income online is to earn recurring income. As mentioned earlier, we are convinced that these 3 recurring income sources for Tifoscore ambassadors will allow them to earn the equivalent of a full-time income in due time.

How To Become An Ambassador?

Over the next period, we aim to fill in all 200 slots of the exclusive ambassador program.

In order to apply, please fill in this form:

>>> Apply To Become An Exclusive Tifoscore Ambassador

The requirements to become an ambassador are:

  • Must be a football fan
  • Must be willing to spend a few hours a week
  • Must manage 10 teams (adding videos and sharing upcoming games)
  • Must have a Paypal account to receive monthly payments

We are simply looking for football fans who are just as excited about Tifoscore as we are and are willing to make history with us together to promote the world’s first platform that measures football fan performance!

Development Update

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to explain where we stand in terms of the development of the platform.

In the last update, we mentioned we only need a few more features before we can start the final bug testing phase, and we are close to open up our feedback box to iron out the last bugs and make necessary improvements.

Here is an overview:

  • Real Ranking Tables – Along with checking all teams, leagues and matches being pulled from the football api we use, we are finalizing the addition of real ranking tables which will be placed below the fan competition ranking tables.
  • Email Notifications – In order to keep retention rates high, we are adding a feature to send out a notification for two events, namely when new videos are added to their team’s channel and when a game has ended and a new one begins so a new voting round begins and fans can check the result of the latest game.
  • Additional Ad Spots – We have been approved by a major native ad network, and will add native ads inside the tabs on Tifoscore. This will significantly increase the ad revenue the site generates once promos start and football fans start joining the site.
  • Adding Videos – We decided to make a separation of fan videos and general videos of every club listed on Tifoscore. This is just a small extra feature but will allow fans to share any video related to their club such as match reviews, interviews etc. This will give an extra dimension to the platform as just about any football-related video can be shared on Tifoscore then. Only fan videos will be used for the competition though.

Our devs are working non-stop to complete these features asap (and they are in the final phase already, so we can get started with the final bug testing phase and launch our main promo campaign. Once these final items are completed, we will post a short update with more info related to the feedback box which will open up on Tifoscore.

At the same time, we are double-checking all leagues to ensure every competition runs parallel with real games being played.


The fact that we are opening up applications for the exclusive ambassador program shows that we are getting very close to start the main promo campaign.

The last features we need are in the final phase of development, and the bug testing phase won’t take too long as our devs will be able to fully concentrate on that as no additional features will be added until the site is ready to open up to the general public, namely the 4 billion football fans worldwide!

If you’re just as excited as we are about this unique platform, then make sure to apply to become an exclusive ambassador. As mentioned, we are convinced that limiting the ambassador program to just 200 people will allow you to earn some serious money (both in Crypto and Dollars) by doing something you enjoy.

The limited number of real football fans we have introduced the platform to are all very excited to see it in action.

  • Which teams will become Champions?
  • Which team has the most ultras?
  • Which videos are viewed the most?
  • Which fans get the most respect from other fans worldwide?

These are just a few of the questions only Tifoscore will be able to answer, making it a 100% unique and exciting platform for football fans worldwide.

Want to become part of something legendary?

Apply to become an exclusive ambassador today!

All the best,

The Team