Start Testing Of Football Website

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We are happy to announce that we can now start the testing phase of the first asset in the Viral Media Network, namely

Tifoscore is a combination of Youtube and Livescore with an integrated fan competition.

To get a clear view of how it works, please read this brief overview:

>>> Tifoscore Competition Overview

Beta Testing

The goal of the upcoming weeks is to thoroughly test the core feature, the fan competition. For this, we invite you to become a beta tester during the upcoming weeks.

Every beta tester will be able to earn 100 VMT tokens in our beta testing bounty campaign.

More information on how to join can be found here:

>>> Tifoscore Beta Testing Bounty Campaign

Start Trading Of VMT

VMT’s (Viral Media Tokens) will start to trade on Buzzex and Livecoin. On Buzzex, VMT will be a base currency as well.

On Buzzex these are the main markets:

On Livecoin, these are the links to the markets:

Our goal is to have VMT trading on multiple more exchanges, and when that happens we will make an announcement.

VMT Buyback

We already integrated some ads on Tifoscore and applied to multiple ad networks and got accepted.

This already is very promising and confirms that ad networks think the site is a great fit for their advertisers.

One ad network called A-Ads pays directly in Bitcoin the moment the earnings reach 0.002 BTC. These earnings will be sent to our Buzzex wallet and used to buy VMT from the market.

The total VMT’s bought (minus the 50% that will be burned) will be distributed the first day the profit share mechanism is integrated on Buzzex.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount of VMT’s you receive from this initial distribution will be based on the average amount of VMT’s in your account during the testing phase, not based on how many you hold that particular day! To give an example, somebody that holds 1000 VMT’s for 20 days will earn double than somebody holding 10,000 VMT’s for 1 day.


The coming we’ll mainly focus on testing Tifoscore and making all the improvements needed to get the site ready for the main bounty campaign.

Once that’s done and we can start inviting our real target audience, we are positive that the ad revenue will grow substantially, and we’ll be able to buy, burn and distribute a lot of VMT’s.

If a site like 9gag can earn $6 Million a year in revenue, or a site like Dumpert can earn $5 Million in yearly revenue, then this is certainly possible for a site that football fans will be extremely passionate about.

If we achieve this goal in due time, we can only imagine what this will do for the Viral Media Token.

That’s it for now, please join the beta testing bounty campaign to earn some more easy VMT’s and see you in the next update!

The Buzzex Team