Lifelong Bonus For VMT Buyers During IEO!

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The Buzzex IEO for its partner project the Viral Media Network, which you can join here, will offer an amazing bonus for buyers.

Apart from earning daily passive income from the profit share, as you can read on the IEO info post, You’ll also be able to increase your daily earnings when buying VMT Tokens in our Buzzex IEO!

If you haven’t read the overview of the first asset of the viral media network, please read it here.

Here is an overview of the lifelong bonus for IEO buyers:

Referral Program

First of all, VMT Tokens will have a referral program attached to them. Here’s how that will work:

  • 10% of the daily profit share is used for the referral program
  • If your referrals hold VMT Tokens on Buzzex, You’ll earn from the daily profit share as well
  • The 10% is evenly divided amongst referrers, based on how many VMT Tokens your referrals hold

The referral program is not only an amazing way to earn more passive income, but it’s also an interesting way to encourage people to stack VMT Tokens to enjoy increasing daily rewards.

IEO Buyers Rewards

There are many members on Buzzex that don’t have a referrer. As an amazing bonus, we’ll evenly share the referral rewards of members holding VMT Tokens who don’t have a referrer with people buying VMT Tokens during the IEO!

This bonus will be evenly divided based on how many tokens you bought during the IEO.

IMPORTANT: This is a lifelong bonus! You don’t need to hold any VMT’s to receive it, so it can become a 100% extra passive income stream.

So do you want to add a double passive income stream to your bottom line? A passive income stream without any strings attached to it forever?

Simply buy VMT Tokens during the IEO Here!

Good luck,

The Buzzex Team

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