Final Sprint Towards Promo Campaigns And VMT Buyback/Burn/Profit Share

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We are in a crucial phase of our project. It’s a phase we have been working on for many years and have never really achieved. It’s a phase in which we will deliver a fully working product and directly promote it to the real target audience.

If you have stuck with the project so long with all the ups and downs that come with the struggle to build a project that will benefit thousands of people, then congratulations and a big thank you from the entire team.

That being said, even though our confidence level is at an all-time high, we still need to keep on working diligently to make all the effort we have done the past couple of months to come to fruition.

In this update, You’ll learn more about the process of getting the first asset in the Viral Media Network, the viral football site, completely ready and finally start the buyback, burn and profit share everybody has been waiting for.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Football Site Concept

Tifoscore is the first asset in the Viral Media Network. In case you are unaware of how it works, let’s make a quick recap of the concept and how we’ll be able to attract millions of football fans worldwide to it.

The idea is simple: While real football games are being played, another competition is taking place in the stands. While supporting their club with a passion you only see in football stadiums, football fans also want to prove they are better than the fans of their opponents.

At the moment, the only way football fans can prove their worth is by uploading videos to Youtube and have metrics scattered all over without a way to really measure who has the best fans.

There are also compilation videos created by a single person like these:

This is about to change as we have created a platform on which thousands of football fans worldwide will have a direct voice in determining what club has the best fans!

With a simple voting mechanism we have created a football fan league that runs parallel with real games being played:

Just as real competitions, the football fan league has its own ranking tables based on the points scored during the voting games:

The site is set up in such a way that it will go viral fast and have high engagement:

  • More fans voting = higher chance to win, so fans will be eager to share the games with their friends.
  • More voting = more points so fans will also vote on other games in order to increase their Ultra-Score which determines the weight of every vote.
  • More quality videos shared = a higher chance to win, which will ensure the content of the site is just about 100% user-generated.
  • Email notifications of new videos being added and games ending to check the final score will ensure retention rates are very high as fans will want to both see new videos and see the result of the games.
  • Over 2000 clubs listed on Tifoscore, meaning we can target football fans from just about any country in the world!

The concept is simple to understand, it’s engaging and from initial reactions of real football fans, will become a huge success.

One example is from a fan that wanted to apply to become an ambassador and explained clearly why the concept of the platform will go viral fast:

Football fans will simply share the site because they are passionate about their team and want their team to win. 🙂

Final Developments

As you probably noticed, Tifoscore has undergone a major change due to the continuous efforts of our developers to create an amazing platform.

It went from a simple live score site to looking pretty amazing like this:

We have gotten a good amount of feedback of people testing the site, and have narrowed down the final issues and optimizations to less than 10.

For the most part, these are simple fixes that still require our attention, and this means the platform will be in its final form, ready to be introduced to the world!

We are aware that the site has taken much longer to complete than expected, but then again, this gives us a much higher potential to make it a huge success. So we are fully convinced that this has been the right decision.

So to conclude, we are now in the final phase of optimizations and final bug fixing, and less than 10 crucial items are on our plate. Once these are finished, the site will be all ready to start the promo campaigns!


With the platform nearly completed, we are also working hard to set up our marketing campaigns.

We have clearly explained that the site is set up in such a way that it’s bound to go viral. This doesn’t mean we don’t need initial engagement from football fans all over the world.

Our marketing efforts will consist of 4 things:


We have received a great response so far for our ambassador program and will have a representative in just about any major league in the world.

The idea is simply that ambassadors will ask fellow fans in the forums of the clubs to share videos on Tifoscore and vote for the games in order for their team to win.

The aim is to make these threads evergreen so just about all forum members will see them, bringing in the initial fans needed for the viral set up to kick off.

Exclusive Referral Program

We have created a simple referral feature inside Tifoscore, aiming to reward the people that create the football fan videos.

This will allow to promote Tifoscore just as how Patreon users create their Patreon account as seen here:

In return, they will earn some extra money from uploading videos to Youtube.

The moment the promos start, we will create an outreach campaign and simply contact all video creators with the question if they want to earn a little extra from their channel by promoting Tifoscore.

Conversion rates are expected to be high since they don’t need to beg their followers for money, but rather ask ther followers (who are mostly supporters of their club) to vote for their club on Tifoscore, making it a low barrier to get started.

General Outreach Campaign

At the same time, we have planned a massive outreach campaign and will target so-called “influencers.” These are mostly hobbyists who have created a social media account about their passion (football) and have built a following.

To them, we’ll simply ask if they want to share the latest game with their followers so their favorite club can win the game.

The barrier is again really low as these people are extremely passionate about their club and will be most than willing to help out (you already saw the reaction of that one fan right?). We will use an automation tool for this in order to contact thousands of influencers daily with a personalized message.

Considering that one tweet or facebook share from a source like this can bring in 100’s or even 1000’s of fans who will vote for their favorite club on a weekly basis, and the fact that there are probably millions of influencers to contact, this is guaranteed to bring in the desired result to exponentially grow the Tifoscore user-base.

And best of all, this is also an evergreen promo method!

Buyback / Burn / Profit Share

The platform will have 3 main sources of income:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate links
  • Super-Ultra Offer

Part of all these income streams will be used to buy VMT’s from the market. 50% of those VMT’s will be burned and the other 50% will be evenly distributed to users holding VMT’s on Buzzex.

While ad revenue and targeted affiliate links already provide a consistent income source for any platform, we have decided to instantly make the Super-Ultra offer a small monthly fee of $9 to get additional perks on the platform.

This simply means that we will be able to consistently grow the Dollar amount we can use to buy VMT’s off the market, as well as have a clear defined monthly budget for general expenses of the project.

In other words, we want to create a solid buyback campaign that continuously grows over time and feel that a subscription product is the way to go from day 1.

How much we’ll be able to buy back on a daily basis will be communicated frequently when we have the numbers ready, which will be pretty soon after the promos start.

The concept remains as solid as can be:

  • Evergreen burning of 50% of VMT’s bought every day
  • Evergreen distribution of other 50% to VMT holders
  • An evergreen business (Tifoscore to start) to grow the buyback/burn/profit share program!


I want to end this update with a personal note.

With the start of the promo campaign of the platform we have been working on until our eyes were bleeding (literally) the last couple of months around the corner, my wife told me something interesting this week.

She said that she has been praying for the project to succeed, not just for us, but also for the people that have continuously supported us throughout this long period so we can make it all worthwhile.

Thinking back on things, it’s clear that this has always been the major driving force to continue until success is achieved.

Have we made a lot of mistakes? Sure, shoot me.

Have things gone the way we want to? Obviously not.

Is this project dead? It has never been more alive!

So in retrospect, what we have learned is that the adversity that came along was needed, and because of that, we are now in this position to have such a high chance of succeeding.

Regardless, we are not there yet and understand we still need to continue to work as hard as we have done so far to make things work, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Have a great day!

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