Buzzex Update July 3, 2019

4 min read

Today we have another update with an overview of things we are doing for the Buzzex project, and what will happen the upcoming weeks and months.

We are doing a massive amount of work in the backend so we can get the football site of the Viral Media Network up and running before the upcoming football season.

In this post, you’ll also get more details on how this partner project will benefit the Buzzex project and BZX holders.

So let’s get to it!

Timeline Overview

Let’s get straight to it and update you on what we are currently doing and what we’ll be doing the upcoming weeks.

Football Site Ground Work

The last weeks we’ve been working overtime to finish the groundwork of the first asset in the Viral Media Network, the viral football site.

This includes:

  • Adding 1950+ Football clubs to the site
  • Add logos in all Football club’s channels
  • Add content (videos) in all channels

The first two items are completed and there are now 1950+ football clubs from all over the world listed. Adding videos is now in progress and will be completed in a few weeks from now.

Football Site Development

The development of the football site is minimal and consists out of 3 phases:

  • Small tweaks to the core script
  • Integration of Football Fan Competition
  • Optimizations

The first item is completed and allowed us to add pre-defined channels of all football teams, which is already completed as well. This item also included choosing your favorite team so you can share videos directly into the channel. This is unlike Youtube where every user shares videos into its own channel.

Here you can see a preview of a channel:

The next item will give the channels a whole new perspective.

This item is ongoing and will be completed during the second week of July. We’ll use a football API to pull in all teams and fixtures so our in-house competitions are synched with real games of all Football clubs, and linked to the channels which are already added. All leagues will also have its own ranking tables so fans will have their own competition.

The last item is optimizing the site for better user experience. We’ll keep this basic as well and simply optimize the script using all its elements.

So in short, we are right on schedule to launch the Football site right before the upcoming season in most major competitions.

VMT Token Trading

The moment the site goes live, we will add VMT tokens to the Buzzex exchange and make it a base currency. This means VMT’s will trade for every coin and token already listed on the exchange.

The goal is to use these base markets to grow the overall volume on the Buzzex Exchange.

VMT Buyback And Profit Share / Burn Program

Once the site is launched and the bounty program to promote it has started, we will integrate the profit share setup into the Buzzex platform.

The moment this is completed, the buyback and profit share and burn program will start. More details related to this will be shared the moment we start integrating the setup, which shouldn’t take too long as we already have this to share BZX staking rewards and trading fees.

VMT Tokens

So why would people buy VMT Tokens?

VMT’s have the three most important aspects needed to make a cryptocurrency grow in value:

It Pays Daily Dividends

By simply holding VMT Tokens on the Buzzex exchange, you’ll earn more tokens every day. Smart investors always have dividends paying tokens in their portfolio.

The number of tokens you hold on Buzzex will determine how many VMT’s you earn every day, so it’s an interesting token to buy and hold if you want to enjoy higher passive income.

It Is Highly Deflationary

The supply is not only fixed just like most cryptocurrencies, but it is also deflationary. This means that the supply constantly lowers as well.

Deflationary cryptocurrencies are very interesting due to the fact it increases the perceived value of every token in circulation.

It Gets Demand From A Mainstream Source

The reason most cryptocurrency projects fail is that they are unable to convince mainstream people to use them. Why would you first buy a cryptocurrency to then use them if a better alternative already exists?

VMT Tokens will get constant demand from earnings of a mainstream site in the form of ad revenue. This guarantees there will be a constant demand without having to explain a concept that a mainstream audience isn’t even remotely interested in.

Buzzex IEO And Trading Bonus

We want to give a reminder that the Buzzex IEO is ongoing, but will end the moment our Football site launches later this month.

If you want to add another passive income stream to your portfolio from the lifelong bonus for IEO buyers, then make sure to acquire some VMT’s during the IEO.

The number of tokens you purchased during the IEO will determine the percentage of the bonus you’ll earn every day, forever!

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Secondly, the trading competition on Buzzex is also still ongoing, and we want to remind you that people holding 20K BZX or more will earn daily VMT’s as well from the 4 million we reserved for BZX holders.

That’s yet another reason to ensure you have as many BZX coins in your Buzzex wallet as you can to increase your daily earnings, not only from trading fee dividends and staking rewards, but also from this VMT Bonus for BZX holders.

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Our research has shown that the average number of subscribers Youtube channels of Football teams have is over 10,000, and most teams have multiple. If we can attract 10% of that we’ll have nearly 2 Million users on our viral Football site who will watch videos and share them on social media to support their team.

The second important element is the fact that Football fans are an extremely interesting audience for advertisers. They are mostly buyers (merchandise, tickets, travel, etc.) and very targeted.

Just think of how much money goes around in the football world and you should defintely understand. 🙂

This simply means that the demand for VMT’s will constantly grow as more and more football fans join and the supply will constantly lower. This in return will allow the site to generate more profits which will be used to buy VMT’s on Buzzex, and this will result in daily volume growth over time on the Buzzex Exchange.

So this is the summary of where we currently stand and the amount of hard work that is going on in the backend, how both projects will work together and how every BZX and VMT holder will benefit from them.

That’s it for now, see you in the next update!

The Buzzex Team