Buzzex Update December 31 – Looking Into 2019

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As this is the last day of 2018, it’s the perfect day to mention that development of the Buzzex platform has been making great moves forward.

We are happy to announce that we have finalized the development of the core platform including the trading engine, and also finalized the development of the public and private trading API.

Here you can see a preview of the trading page:

If you want a more detailed overview of all trading features, please read this blog post.

This means we can start 2019 with:

  • Stress testing of the trading engine
  • Stress testing of the trading API
  • Make API documentation public
  • Make improvements where needed by optimizing server capability
  • Adding more coins to the exchange
  • Fixing bugs and feature improvements based on beta testers suggestions

Our goal is to be able to have a trading platform that can handle as many trades as all the other top cryptocurrency exchanges in the business.

Additionally, we have started the process of adding coins to the exchange as well which means we’ll have a large variety of coins available for trading the moment Buzzex launches.

January 2019 will be an exciting month because we’ll not only announce when Buzzex will launch (date will be determined by the first 2 weeks of stress testing) but also which coins will trade on the Buzzex platform.

The moment we start announcing the coins that will be integrated for trading at launch time, we will also distribute the voting rewards to verified members that voted for their favorite coins so far on the voting page.

January 2019 will also be the month we will launch our API competition. This means developers and pro-traders will be able to create bots to automate trading on the Buzzex exchange. This is one of the core strategies to ensure high liquidity in all markets the moment we launch.

Finally, here are some more stats regarding the pre-launch so far:

  • Number of traders that joined: 33,569
  • Amount of Buzzex Coins sold at this moment: 1,364,000 BZX
  • Amount Of Buzzex Coins left at $0.05: 636,000 BZX
  • Coin partner applications so far: 79
  • Buzzex Contest guess at this moment: $176,637,172 Per Day
  • Amount of Bonus Coins Distributed To Pre-Launch Buyers: 1,933,974.88

So to conclude, we are very happy with what we have achieved during 2018, and welcome 2019 with extreme positivity about our project.

So what will make Buzzex special?

While there is much more to it as you can read in the Buzzex Whitepaper, below is an explanation of the core feature that will make Buzzex an amazing exchange for crypto enthusiasts and pro-traders alike.

Buzzex is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows traders to trade with 0% trading fees. To achieve this we have created our own coin called Buzzex Coin. In order to get a discount of 100% on trading fees, traders on Buzzex need to hold 20,000 Buzzex Coins in their Buzzex wallet.

The main difference with similar coins (Binance Coin for example) is that Buzzex Coin has its own POS/MN blockchain. 10% of blockchain rewards will be used to fund the project, allowing Buzzex to become self-funded rather than using a fee-based revenue model which makes traders lose money with every trade.

Every time somebody trades on other exchanges, they lose 0.05%-0.50 of their crypto assets to the exchange. On buzzex they can hold Buzzex Coins and trade for free for life!

To make it even better, holding 20,000 Buzzex also qualifies traders for daily dividends and weekly airdrops.

What does this mean?

People that hold 20,000 BZX on the Buzzex platform (or more to earn more dividends) not only get to trade without fees, they will also earn daily and weekly crypto for doing so!

This is how people holding 20,000 BZX or more will earn:

  • 40% of trading fees from people trading without holding 20,000 BZX
  • Daily BZX staking rewards from the companies main wallet
  • Daily rewards from other POS/MN coins
  • Weekly crypto airdrops of dividend earning tokens

Buzzex has created a unique business model that tremendously benefits traders and crypto enthusiasts. This combined with a hard-working team, a platform that can compete with the top exchanges and a clear vision for the future makes this a very exciting period for everybody involved with the Buzzex project.

If you are reading this, we want to thank you for being with the project this early and want to wish you a very happy 2019. 🙂

All the best,

The Buzzex Team

PS: Want to acquire as many Buzzex Coins as you can?

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