Buzzex Update April 4, 2019

3 min read

Almost one week has passed since the launch of the Buzzex trading platform, and in this update we want to mention what the Buzzex Team is working on to improve the platform, and the features that will soon be available, along with a glimpse of the future.

Here is an overview:

Regular Deposits

As our global order book is growing, we’ll enable regular deposits for BTC and ETH soon. Our goal is to enable more and more regular deposits for all other coins trading on Buzzex as well, to provide a smooth experience for depositing cryptocurrencies and to start trading on Buzzex.

The goal of the current deposit system is to be able to add as many coins for trading as possible, allowing us to grow the Global Order Book. As soon as trading picks up in a coin’s market we will switch to our own wallet setup and enable regular deposits.

Addition Of More Tokens

1000’s of people have voted for their favorite tokens during pre-launch. We’ll soon announce a wide variety of exclusive coins on Buzzex and invite the traders to join the trading competition of their favorite tokens. Every token listed will be eligible for the trading competition as well, which means both the traders as well as the coin project through our partner program, can earn BZX.

The voting feature has been one of our main marketing angles during pre-launch, and we’re close to being able to welcome 1000’s of traders that voted for their favorite tokens.

Detailed Stats Dashboard

Everybody that trades on Buzzex now is already earning BuzzexCoins. Soon there will be detailed stats in your dashboard regarding how much you have earned already. Other stats will include your total volume, overall total volume and your share in dividends in case you’re eligible for dividends.

Buzzex Coins Migration

Everybody that earned or bought Buzzex Coins will soon see the amount of BuzzexCoins they hold in their Buzzex account. All coins in your pre-launch dashboard will simply be migrated to the Buzzex trading platform. BuzzexCoins will become available in your wallet page on Buzzex.

BZX Wallet Setup

Along with showing stats of your BZX coins, you’ll also be able to send and withdraw BZX to and from your desktop wallet on the Buzzex wallets page, This in case you want to withdraw to set up a masternode or stake them or send to another user and deposit in case you want to increase your share in dividends.

First Dividend Payout

48 hours after the Buzzex Wallet Feature is completed, we will make the first dividend payout to members holding more than 20K BZX coins in their Buzzex wallet. This gives everybody who wants to get a share in the first dividend payout (accumulating right now) the time to transfer BZX to Buzzex in case they want to. This will also include BZX staking rewards for both dividend eligible members and pre-launch buyers. Airdrops will follow shortly after.

Buzzex Arbitrage Plugin

We are happy to announce that we are making good progress with the Buzzex Arbitrage Plugin (leveraging Buzzex and Binance order books). This will allow every qualifying member holding coins on Buzzex to earn cryptocurrencies on full autopilot!

More info can be found here.

To allow everybody to see the power of this plugin, we will give beta access to the top 20 traders on Buzzex the moment we release it. Everybody else will have to meet the requirement of trading 10 BTC to get access.

Want to be one of the top 20 traders and earn coins every single day on Buzzex forever?

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Buzzex is an ongoing work in progress. Our goal is to continiously improve what we have by adding more features that benefit traders.

The main feature that will attract the masses of traders is the Buzzex Global Order Book. Being able to trade from one platform on all of the top exchanges is simply revolutionary.

This however needs to grow. We need to connect more exchanges, add more coins and make the smart order routing system as good as can be.

Therefore, the first 6 months of operation can be considered as a soft-launch of the Global Order Book which allows smart people to take advantage of the trans-fee mining setup to earn BZX, plus collecting as many BZX as they can by winning multiple trading competitions.

This will give them 3 extra passive income streams to stack more crypto:

  • The Buzzex Arbitrage Plugin
  • Daily Dividends paid in all base currencies
  • Weekly airdrops

When will high volume traders come to Buzzex?

The moment multiple external exchanges are connected, 100’s of coins are integrated into the Global Order Book and the moment traders can get the best liquidity and more importantly, best prices in all markets for every coin.

Why will high volume traders join Buzzex en masse by then?

Because they will be able to make more money from their trading activities on Buzzex than on any other exchange. It will simply be logical to trade on Buzzex.

Gradually, our ultimate vision will become more and more clear.

What needs to be done is all clear.

All that rests is continiously working towards the ultimate goal.

That’s it for now, have a great day!

The Buzzex Team

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