Buzzex Update April 25, 2019

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As we are getting really close to unleashing our main marketing strategy for Buzzex with the coin partner program, we want to dedicate today’s update on why it’s important to take advantage of the multiple ways you can earn BZX coins during the first 6 months of Buzzex’ launch.

By trading on Buzzex now, you’ll be able to earn passive income forever on the Buzzex platform. The more active you are during the initial 6-month phase of Buzzex, the higher your passive income will be.

What Will Make Buzzex Unique?

We don’t want to create just any exchange, we want to create an exchange that has unique things to offer in order to attract traders.

To get a clear picture, let’s first take a look at the 2 main components of the Buzzex Exchange which will separate it from competitors.

The Global Order Book

Apart from some initial hickups, the global order book which now allows traders to trade on 2 exchanges (Buzzex and Binance) from just 1 order book is working flawless.

It allows Buzzex to have deep liquidity from day 1 and merges the order books of 2 exchanges into 1.

Here you can see a short video of how it works:

Selling ETH on the Buzzex Global Order Book

Selling ARDR on the Buzzex Global Order Book

The order can either be fulfilled from external exchanges (initially Binance) or from traders directly buying the order from the Buzzex order book.

This revolutionary setup will allow us to gradually connect more and more exchanges to the Buzzex order book. This will make orders from various exchanges overlap and create an environment where traders can get the best price to buy or sell coins. Not only that, they will also get the best liquidity which avoids moving the price when placing large orders.

Once we have over 10 of the top reputable exchanges connected, the Global Order Book will show it’s real value and have traders flock to Buzzex because it simply makes sense.

Now that we perfected the Binance integration (as good as their API allows it), we are ready to connect more exchanges and rinse and repeat the process.

Coin Partner Program

Along with trading coins on the Global Order Book, we will also list exclusive coins on Buzzex and invite them to the coin partner program.

Coin developers that join the program will be able to earn coins in order to support their project.

In return, they will invite their followers to trade on Buzzex.

It’s a win-win situation which will make Buzzex the preferred exchange for all coin partners and their followers!

Why Trade On Buzzex Now?

At the moment we are in the BZX coin distribution phase. This means that while we are setting things up to make Buzzex the preferred exchange for traders all around the world, we are rewarding people that start trading on Buzzex.

There are 2 ways that trading now on Buzzex will allow you to earn lifelong passive income.

1.Earn Daily Dividends

Everybody that holds 20,000 or more BZX coins will earn daily dividends from trading fees forever.

These dividends are paid in the form of BTC, ETH, USDT and later BZX or any other base currency we add!

The more BZX coins you own, the higher your share in the dividend distribution will be!

IMPORTANT: Dividends are already accumulating now and will be paid out at once the moment our setup is integrated.

2.Buzzex Arbitrage Plugin

The Buzzex Global Order Book allows us to profit from price differences on various exchanges. The foundation of this script is built into the global order book.

In order to ensure high profits for everybody that gets a share, only 1000 shares can be acquired!

Here’s how spots will be distributed:

  • 10 BTC Volume = 1 Spot
  • 1000 Spots Total
  • Offer Closes Forever When All Spots Are Distributed

IMPORTANT: Every Trader can get as many shares as he wants! Trading 10 BTC worth of crypto on Buzzex gives you 1 share, trading 100 BTC worth of crypto on Buzzex gives you 10 shares, etc. First comes, first served until all 1000 shares are distributed.

Some traders already reached the 10 BTC mark and are already assured of a share.

More shares = More passive Income from the Buzzex Global Order Book!


In order to set yourself up for a steady income stream, it’s clear that it’s important to start trading on Buzzex right now.

Every business needs to grow, and smart people see that our setup is bound to succeed.

The Buzzex Global Order Book is a revolutionary feature in a young and fast growing market. There isn’t anything similar out there and there won’t be when we’re already at a level we can start attracting big traders for the obvious reasons mentioned earlier.

You don’t need to be a visionary, you just need to be one of the smart traders reading this right now.

So make sure to start trading to ensure your lifelong passive income streams:

  • Collect BZX Coins from trans-fee mining
  • Join Any of the trading competitions and get rewards when milestones of 1, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 BTC volume is reached. (20,000-40,000 for top 3 winners in each competition!)
  • Gather shares in the Buzzex Arbitrage Plugin for every 10 BTC you trade on Buzzex.

With the start of our promos to coin partners, May is bound to become an exciting month as well!

That’s it for now, have a great day!

The Buzzex Team

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