Buzzex Update April 18, 2019

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Another week has passed since the launch of Buzzex, and a lot of improvements have been made. This along with the prospect of many exciting new upcoming features and developments will make this another interesting update. So here we go.

Regular Deposits For Bitcoin And BZX Coin

We have finalized the setup of the Bitcoin wallet infrastructure so regular deposits can be accepted. This means you can send whatever amount (with a minimum of 0.001 BTC) to your own personal Bitcoin wallet on Buzzex.

Simply send the amount to the Bitcoin address in your account as seen here, to fund your account with Bitcoin:

Along with the Bitcoin deposit setup we have also completed the setup for BZX coin. These will be enabled shortly.

Google Authenticator For Withdrawals

An extra security feature for your account has been added, as we have connected the Google Authenticator for withdrawals.

This means that withdrawals can only be completed using your mobile phone if you have secured your account with this feature. This ensures nobody but you can complete a withdrawal request on the Buzzex platform.

Coin Price in Browser Tab

As of now you can easily see the latest price of any coin when visiting the trading page. Here you can see an example of that:

Ethereum And ERC20 Setup

The testing of the setup we have already completed, is going on in various phases. Once the final batch of testing is completed, we will integrate our Ethereum setup into our live trading platform. This will allow us to enable regular deposits for Ethereum, and on top of that add numerous ERC20 tokens to the Buzzex platform. Our developers are working hard to complete this ASAP.

Addition Of GameX Token

As soon as our Ethereum setup is integrated in the Buzzex platform we’ll add GameX Token as the first exclusive ERC20 token to be trading on Buzzex.

This will be followed by a huge range of tokens, most of which have dozens, if not hundreds of votes during our pre-launch!

Buzzex Dividend Payout

As mentioned in a previous update, dividends on trading fees for people holding more than 20K BZX are currently accumulating. The first time the distribution will run, all accumulated dividends in the form of BTC, ETH and USDT will be distributed at once.

Before we set an exact date we will:

  • Add Buzzex contest earnings to winners’ accounts
  • Migrate non credited voting rewards from pre-launch site
  • Enable BZX deposits

An exact date when the first dividend payout will run will be announced in advance.

IMPORTANT: This also includes BZX staking rewards for dividend eligible members and pre-launch BZX buyers, which are also accumulating this very moment.

Changes To Buzzex Coin Contests

Buzzex is running an Amazing Trading Competition, giving away a maximum of 100 million BZX Coins (value = $13 Million) to the top traders of each coin.

In order to make this more attractive and to ensure all top traders will basically be guaranteed to earn Buzzex Coins from trading, we will soon make some interesting changes. Here’s an overview:

  • 1 Competition becomes 7 competitions – This means that instead of being able to win only once after the trans-fee mining period ends, You’ll be able to win 7 times!
  • Each competition ends when a milestone is reached – There are 7 milestones to be reached regarding trading volume, here you can see an overview:
  • Every competition ends the moment a milestone is reached and earnings for winners are as follows:
  • 1. 40,000 BZX
  • 2. 30,000 BZX
  • 3. 20,000 BZX
  • 4.-20. 1,000 BZX
  • The moment a milestone is reached, the new trading competition begins and balances are reset to 0. Earnings will be credited to winners’ accounts within 24 hours.
  • The competition doesn’t have a fixed end date and will end the moment the 100 million BZX are distributed to winners.

Note: If you already traded a coin that has reached the first 1 BTC milestone, congratulations, you’re already a winner and will receive your earnings the moment this setup is integrated. The same applies for winners the upcoming days.

To give an example, this is already the case for Basic Attention Token (BAT) as more than 1 BTC has already been traded and the members in top places will receive earnings from the first competition:

Coin Partner Program

The promo method we have been working on since day 1 of the pre-launch is the Coin Partner Program. Over 100 coin projects have applied to become a partner when Buzzex was merely an idea in pre-launch. All of those coin developers have actively promoted Buzzex to their followers to acquire votes, hence the reason over 45,000 traders joined Buzzex.

When the Ethereum setup is completed, we’ll be able to list all those tokens and invite the coin partners that applied before to become a coin partner of the live Buzzex platform where their followers can trade their coin.

In this updated Coin Partner Program Article you can find out how we’ll incentivize coin developers to promote Buzzex to their followers, and why their followers will start trading on Buzzex.


Another exciting week has passed with some good progress made. As always, we remain focused on what needs to be done to grow the Buzzex project.

Once the current items on our list are completed, we will start inviting coin developers to our partner program, and we are positive we’ll be able to welcome a lot of active traders to Buzzex.

As for all members, the new trading competition setup will allow anybody that trades on Buzzex to accumulate a lot of BZX coins as long as the competition runs. The first 2 milestones are just 1 and 10 BTC to be traded, and the top 3 traders will each win over 20K BZX coins.

Just browse the trading competition page, trade some coins you like and become eligible to earn BTC, ETH, USDT and BZX forever!

All The Best,

The Buzzex Team

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