Buzzex Update April 11, 2019

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Only the second week of the launch of the Buzzex platform is behind us, and already numerous members have traded $1,000’s worth of crypto on Buzzex.

Today we have another exciting update related to new features and upcoming events. Here we go.

Option To Collect BZX Rewards Integrated

Everybody that trades on Buzzex during the first 6 months will and is earning BZX coins in the process. For every $65 traded, you will be able to claim 1 BZX.

Buzzex coin is a Masternode coin with POS blockchain and is the utility coin of the Buzzex platform. It will allow you to:

  • Earn daily dividends on Buzzex
  • Earn from weekly airdrops
  • Trade with up to 0% fees
  • Get voting power on Buzzex
  • Stake in your offline wallet to get blockchain rewards
  • Set up masternodes to get blockchain rewards

You can easily claim your trading rewards by visiting the rewards link found here:

The moment you click the claim rewards button, the BZX you earned are sent to your Buzzex wallet.

Want to start earning on Buzzex?

Start trading on Buzzex Today!

Coming Soon: Claim Referral Rewards

If you refer other traders to Buzzex you also earn 10% of their BZX rewards when they trade on the Buzzex platform.

These rewards are currently accumulating and you’ll soon have an option to claim these rewards on your referral page:

Want to earn even more BZX coins?

Grab your referral link and start promoting Buzzex today!

Pre-Launch Buzzex Coins Migrated

Everybody that earned BuzzexCoins or bought them during our pre-launch will now see their coins in their Buzzex wallet.

Please note, these don’t include yet:

  • Uncredited voting rewards
  • Buzzex Contest rewards

These will also be migrated to the Buzzex platform soon.

Option To Withdraw BuzzexCoins

Users who want to help secure the BZX blockchain by either staking or setting up BZX masternodes, now have the option to withdraw their BZX coins from their Buzzex wallet.

In order to do so, head over to your wallet page and click the withdrawal button here:

Then simply proceed with doing the withdrawal to your Buzzex Desktop wallet.

Regular deposits for BTC, ETH and ERC20 Tokens

As our global order book is growing, we’ll start opening up regular deposits for the two main cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our Ethereum setup is currently undergoing final testing and will allow us to also enable regular deposits for ERC20 tokens.

Our wallet setup which uses multiple encryption methods has been battle tested for over 18 months, and follows the highest standards of security in the business.

Launch Of the Coin Partner Program

“In times that coin projects are struggling to raise enough funds to support the development of their project, Buzzex has decided to help them out by creating a coin partner program.”

This sentence explaining the coin partner program in our knowledgebase is important to understand an important way as to how Buzzex will differentiate itself from competitors.

Instead of charging crazy listing fees, we will offer coin developers rewards when their coin/token is listed on Buzzex in a mutually benficial partnership program.

Exciting weeks are coming up as we will partner up with 100’s of coins and tokens and ensure their supporters and investors understand how they can help their favorite projects out by trading on Buzzex.


Another busy week with tons of progress made, has finished. We have received multiple positive comments from traders that are using the Buzzex platform on a daily basis, and this gives us good motivation to keep on improving Buzzex, adding more features and to make Buzzex a top-notch platform for traders to exchange digital assets.

Building a platform like this, starting from zero lines of code over a year ago, has been a huge challenge and has required months of 16+ hour days. That’s the definition of hard work.

This simply shows how dedicated a team we have and why we are just as motivated now as when we started.

That’s it for now, have a great day!

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The Buzzex Team

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