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Buzzex has officially launched its private beta testing phase on November 28. Beta testers have been given some test coins and performed the first trades on the exchange platform.

As they have been testing the platform for over a week now, we have received great feedback to fix bugs and make improvements to the trading page. We are very happy with the progress regarding developments so far, and from the activity of our beta testers to provide relevant feedback as well.

In this post you’ll learn more about the trading page and the options for traders on the Buzzex platform. According to the suggestions of our beta testers we will add more features to improve the trading experience even further.

Let’s get started with the overview.

Dark And Light Mode

Some people might prefer a different trading view than others. That’s why we have made it easy to switch the view according to your preference.

This is how the light view looks like:

Buzzex Light View

And this is how the dark view looks like:

Buzzex Dark View

In order to switch we’ve added the option in the top right corner to easily switch the trading view:

Switch trading view

By default, the trading view is set to dark but you can easily switch according to what you prefer when trading on Buzzex.

Search For Coins And Add Favorites

When you start to trade, the first thing you’ll do is to find the markets of the coins you actually want to buy or sell. This can be done by typing the ticker of the coin you want to trrade in the search box here:

find coins on Buzzex

All the markets of that particular coin will appear so you can easily switch to the market you want to trade in.

Another option is to mark your favorite coins with a star and click the option to only show those coins:

Show specific coins on Buzzex

This makes it easy to filter all coins you want to trade without having to type all the coins in the search box.

You can easily switch markets using the base currency bar.

Trading Chart And Market Info

As most popular exchanges we have integrated charts provided by Tradingview:

Tradingview on Buzzex

This allows traders to have a clear view on executed trades and volume along with offering multiple tools to analyse the trading history of every market using numerous trading indicators.

Apart from the small chart, traders can also enlarge the chart into full screen mode to get an even better view:

full screen trading chart on Buzzex

Above the chart all info is displayed to get a clear view on the market at the moment which includes:

  • Market you are viewing (ADZ/BTC in this example)
  • Latest price in base currency and Dollar value
  • 24 hour change of latest price
  • 24 hour highest and lowest price in base currency
  • 24 hour volume of the market you are viewing

Buzzex trading market info

Trading On Buzzex

To trade, Buzzex currently offers 3 types of trading options which are limit, market and stop-limit orders.

A limit order allows you to buy a coin at a certain price of your choice. When you confirm the buy or sell form, you order will be added on the exchange’s order book:

limit order on Buzzex

A market order allows you to instantly buy coins from the market based on the orders available already on the exchange’s order books. This also means that depending on how much you spend and the market volume the moment you buy the coins, that it’s possible you will pay for the coin at different price points:

Market Order on Buzzex

A stop-limit order allows you to create a limit order once a certain price has been reached. So in the example below, if the price of 198 satoshis for 1 ADZ has been reached on the exchange, an order for 1 ADZ at a price of 200 satoshis will automatically be created and added to the exchange’s order book as a limit order:

stop limit order on Buzzex

Balance Slider

An interesting feature for traders is the ability to use a slider in order to determine how many coins they want to spend on limit or market orders. Using the slider will allow you to easily buy or sell a certain amount of coins without having to type them into the order form:

Buzzex Balance slider

Latest Trades

You can see the latest trades below the coin markets on the left side of the trading page. The options here are to show all market orders or just show your own latest trades:

Latest orders on Buzzex

Below the trading box you can also see your latest orders for both limit and stop-limit orders.

When clicking the “more” link you will be able to see a detailed view of all your orders so far with multiple filtering options:

Buzzex orders page

Buzzex Order Book

Finally, the order book of the markets on Buzzex is positioned next to the trading chart on the right hand side of the trading page:

Buzzex Order Book

The options for traders here are:

  • Merge decimals of coin value from 1 to 8 decimals
  • Only display buy or sell wall or show both (both are shown by default)
  • See volume of all orders on the order book (red and green graphs)


As you can see the trading page on Buzzex comes packed with interesting features to make trading on Buzzex an enjoyable experience. As of now our developers are working non-stop to monitor the suggestions of our beta testers to both iron out any bugs and make small improvements to what is presented in this post.

The core features of trading on Buzzex are already present which confirms we are on schedule in terms of development.

At the same time our developers are working hard to finalize our next major feature which is the public and private API, allowing developers and traders to pull info from the Buzzex exchange and/or create trading bots to automate trading.

If you have any comments on the info provided in this post, feel free to add them below! 😊

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