Buzzex IEO – Viral Media Token – Earn Passive Income For Life

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Buzzex introduces its IEO for its partner project, the Viral Media Network. The goal is to create a network of mainstream viral sites and reward token holders with part of the profits from ad revenue, while at the same time lowering the total supply to boost the token’s value.

We are happy to announce that the VMT IEO is now underway, and you can acquire tokens through our IEO page Here.

How Does VMT Work?

The viral media network will build mainstream websites in niches that people are passionate about. The first niche will be an exciting viral site for the 4 billion football fans worldwide.

>>> Read A Detailed Overview Of The First VMT Asset Here

Important: This site will be up and running before the upcoming football season!

The site will be monetized with regular ads, and part of the profit will be used to buy VMT’s on the Buzzex Exchange.

  • 50% of bought tokens are distributed to VMT holders in a daily profit share (based on how many tokens you hold)
  • 50% of bought tokens are used to burn tokens from the total supply

This means that VMT holders will not only earn daily passive income if they hold the token, but also that the total supply of VMT’s will constantly lower every single day.

How Much Do Viral Sites Earn?

Because we are building mainstream websites with a highly targeted and engaged audience, the sites will be extremely interesting for advertisers.

We aim to earn a net profit of $1 per 1000 page views, even though this can vary based on many metrics.

Similar sites earn this kind of revenue, so this is a very realistic target:

Our aim with our first site, the football site targeting the 4 billion football fans worldwide, is to get millions of page views daily, which would multiply the net earnings seen above multiple times.

As mentioned, these net profits will then be used to buy and burn VMT Tokens on a daily basis, and both reward the VMT holders and burn the tokens from the total supply.

What Are The Token Specs?

  • Total Supply: 84,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • ERC20 Contract: 0x822de209e86d8699e085227c7aaa9468e8e925ae
  • Unique Feature: Buy and Burn Program
  • Benefit 1: Earn Daily Passive Income For Holding VMT’s
  • Benefit 2: Earn more and more passive income in a deflationary token

What Is The Token Allocation?

  • 64.6 Million Initial Investors
  • 10.4 Million Bounty campaigns (spread over 10 years)
  • 5 Million IEO
  • 4 Million BZX Holders (spread over 10 years, shared once a week)

IMPORTANT: VMT Tokens will also be earned by all dividend eligible Buzzex members. If you hold 20K or more BZX coins on Buzzex, you’ll also start earning VMT’s the moment the profit share starts, this over the course of 10 years!

Why An IEO?

Our IEO will have a huge benefit for VMT holders, BZX holders and VMT buyers.

From our rich experience in building and monetizing websites, we know that it takes a while before ad networks pay the maximum cpm rate because there is an optimization period.

This in combination with the fact that most reputable ad networks pay on a net 30 basis (meaning earnings of August would be paid in October), makes it necessary to use part of IEO sales to start the buyback and burn program the moment our first viral site launches (which will be at the start of the upcoming football season).

Aother important reason is that it will boost the viral effect as we’ll be able to launch a bounty campaign that allows bounty hunters to earn passive income for life for helping to grow the viral site, right from the beginning.

How Will The Daily Profit Share Work?

The daily profit share will be integrated straight into the Buzzex Platform. You’ll simply need to hold VMT tokens in your Buzzex Wallet, and that will determine how much you’ll earn every day.

The more VMT tokens you hold, the more you’ll earn, it’s that simple.

All earnings will be paid using the bought VMT’s coming from ad revenue of sites in our viral network. This means we’ll exchange fiat currencies for crypto and then buy VMT’s at market rates on Buzzex. This means a constant flow of fiat currencies to VMT tokens will be enabled, which will both be used to reward VMT holders and burn VMT tokens from the total supply.

IMPORTANT: There is also a 10% referral bonus! This means that if your Buzzex referrals hold VMT’s, you’ll earn 10% of what they earn in the daily profit share.

What Is The Long Term Plan Of The Viral Media Network?

We have a 10-year plan to gradually increase the number of assets in our network, and gradually grow the amount of ad revenue we’ll use for the profit share and burn program.

Here’s an overview:

Launch a New Viral website once a year

This year we’ll launch the first viral site targeting the 4 billion football fans worldwide. Our goal is to replicate this concept and create one extra viral site every year for the next 10 years. It takes at least 1 year for a website to reach its full potential and we’ll fully focus on one asset at a time. When the site has reached its full potential we’ll focus on adding more assets.

Use 1 Million VMT’s to make assets go viral

Every year, when a new asset is ready to be launched, we’ll use 1 Million VMT’s to create the initial surge of traffic needed to make the site go viral. This will be through a bounty campaign that will last about 3-6 months in which we’ll reward people that will help to build the initial user-base of the site.

Build websites to maximize the viral effect and retention rate

If you have read the overview of the football site, then you know that we have an extremely creative team. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel once a year, we just need to find a unique angle to keep users engaged so they keep coming back.

With this unique angle in place, both the viral nature of the sites and the retention rates will be extremely high, allowing us to scale the Viral Media Network exponentially year after year, which will result in more tokens being bought, shared in the daily profit share and burned.

When Will VMT Tokens Be Tradable?

The moment the first asset of the Viral Media Network launches, the VMT token markets will open up on the Buzzex Exchange.

This will also be the exact moment the IEO ends and the buyback, profit share, and burn program start.

Will VMT’s Be A Base Currency On Buzzex?

Yes! The Viral Media Network Is The Partner Project of Buzzex so we’ll make VMT’s a base currency on Buzzex together with BTC, ETH and USDT.

The huge benfit is that this will ensure more traders learn about the Viral Media Network.

Our goal is to make VMT’s the ultimate store of value for traders, as it both has a deflationary aspect since tokens will be burned on a daily basis and an opportunity to earn for simply holding the Tokens on Buzzex.

Why Should I Buy Viral Media Tokens?

Passive Income in a deflationary token.

The answer is quite simple, if you buy and hold VMT tokens, you’ll start earning the moment our first asset is launched. The amount of VMT’s bought from the market using Dollars from ad revenue will gradually rise, and the total supply of the tokens will gradually lower.

PLUS, 40% of profits from trading fees on Buzzex will also be used to buy VMT’s for the daily profit share and token burn!

VMT tokens will be a nice asset to hold in your portfolio for these reasons.

Finally, there is an additional bonus for VMT buyers during the pre-launch, this to increase your passive income. Please refer to this post to understand how.

Ready to start earning passive income the moment the upcoming football season starts?

Then get your hands on VMT Tokens today!

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