2 New Bounty Campaigns And More Info For Start Of Global Ambassadors Program

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I hope everybody enjoyed the New Year celebration and would like to wish all of you a great 2019!

With the start of the new year we have created 2 extra bounty campaigns allowing you to earn more Buzzex Coins before the launch of the Buzzex Exchange.

We have also more info about the global ambassador program which will start shortly.

So let’s get started!

Bounty Campaign 1

We have added an additional bounty campaign to our old bounty campaign thread which can be found here.

This campaign is related to our official subreddit and will easily allow you to earn 200 extra Buzzex Coins.

We believe that apart from our Telegram group which is very dynamic, we need a place where we can post content and where people can ask general questions related to the project. Our newly created subreddit will be this place.

We will also actively add more content to the subreddit the upcoming weeks.

So go ahead, join our subreddit, follow the steps in “campaign 2” of our Bitcointalk Reddit bounty campaign section and earn 200 extra Buzzex Coins.

Bounty Campaign 2

The second bounty campaign is related to our Buzzex Contest. Everybody that follows the steps in this bounty campaign will be able to earn 1000 BZX coins.

Check out the new Buzzex Contest bounty campaign here.

The idea for this campaing is two-fold:

  • This campaign will help to spread the news about the Buzzex Contest and will get more people actively involved in the Buzzex Project.
  • The campaign is set up in such a way that people need to answer questions to get the reward, which will help newcomers to learn more about the project from other members.

Important: This bounty campaign is limited to the first 5,000 participants. When this number is reached and all Buzzex Coins reserved for this campaign are distributed, it will end indefinitely.

Global Ambassador Program Start

We have created a set of guidelines for global ambassadors to follow in order to earn 10,000 BZX on a monthly basis for the next 2 years.

An ambassador will not only be required to spread the news about the Buzzex platform but will also be required to help new people out by representing the Buzzex platform.

We feel this is an amazing reward to get and it will obviously be needed to meet the guidelines we have set.

This week we will contact all eligible people that submitted their application to become a global ambassador, and rewards for the ambassador program will be distributed exactly one month later.

Our goal with the ambassador program is to reach people worldwide. Just about every country has its own forums and various groups discussing cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading. With the help of our global ambassadors we’ll be able to reach a lot of people who will become traders on the Buzzex platform in the near future.

So that’s it for now. Go ahead and join the campaigns, earn some more Buzzex Coins and enjoy your day!

Update August 27

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Update August 10, 2019

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